Jasmine is a Detroit breed conceptual photographer, based in Los Angeles creating simplistic eye catching visuals. Primarily focused in photographing subjects the artist has a wide range in visual talent. Jasmine has over 6 years experience shooting in-studio and on location with both subjects and product. Jasmine has created with brands such as NIKE, VSCO Cam, and many others. From creating photo books, video visuals, album art, promo photos, celebrity photography and holding art exhibits (image installations). Jasmine also takes on creative direction and helps with executing ideas with brands and fellow local artist.

 Jasmine the artist is a self taught photographer, but that has not limited her experience . The artist focus when exhibiting art is to bring the viewer into the artist world, usually a minimalistic visual display exuding emotion and vibrant controlled color theory. Jasmine's vision and aesthetic focuses around making the subject important is her motto incorporating their personal style and persona. She also incorporates different mediums with her work such as paint, and different textures that give the images their own unique touch. Photography is not something that Jasmine stumbled across this medium in art found her.